After learning that my grandfather passed from lung cancer, I gave up cigarettes and began my journey toward a plant-based, active lifestyle.

I started off at 250 pounds. For those interested in how much I currently weigh, I can’t help you. I no longer share how much scale weight I’ve lost. I find it to be pointless and potentially harmful to those in the early stages of their health journeys. It places emphasis on the wrong thing. Weight is not the sole, nor is it the primary, indicator of health and I’ve made the decision to no longer center it. These days I’m focused on reaching my desired body fat percentage while increasing my physical and mental strength instead of what the scale says. It's been a long road but, along the way, I’ve learned how to cook creative, tasty meals, build meal and exercise plans that work for me and, most importantly, how to listen to my body.

I'm also a reporter — you can read my work if you want — so my blog posts aren't solely personal. They contain information I've gathered from traditional research, in-depth conversations with people I know, social media callouts and more. As far as I'm concerned, these are reported pieces with a personal element — something I’ve spent my career doing very well. I've spent a lot of time asking people what they care about for my job and it's made me a better reporter. I figured employing the same methods would help me become a better food blogger as well. I’m still learning and failing. And I’ve decided to do it publicly in hopes of providing an authentic insight to health and wellness.

Come learn with me. It’ll be fun. I promise.